At CEO Search, our COO recruiters specialize in sourcing exceptional talent for high level operational roles.

Over the years, we have built a nationwide network of outstanding executive level candidates with this background.  Our COO recruiters are experienced professionals who have forged thousands of quality relationships with operational executives.  Our COO candidates are the most highly qualified executives available within the industry.  Our recruiters work in every industry and for companies of every size. 

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A highly talented Chief Operating Officer is essential to your company’s success.

A strong COO can provide vision and leadership to your organization.  They can provide the essential operational controls, administrative procedures, reporting systems and put the right staff in place so that your company can grow and operate with increased efficiency and strength.

An outstanding COO provides daily leadership and guidance to all employees.  Working in conjunction with executive leadership, they drive the company’s growth and profitability.  They spearhead strategic initiatives for driving the company’s processes forward in a effective manor.  They are often the CEO’s right hand person and a true business partner that can be invaluable to the Owner or President of the company.

Whether it be restructuring systems, processes or even financial reports, a strong COO can implement and structure key building blocks to your organizations success.  They are most often the single most important factor in creating your organization’s operational foundation from which all business functions proceed.

Having an outstanding COO can also be a great asset to the CEO.  In times of restructuring, extremely busy seasons or other rapidly changing environments, a well rounded COO can take on many of the CEO’s duties and responsibilities when necessary.

In a nutshell, it is critically important to have an exceptionally talented and well-rounded COO in place for a business to be highly successful and profitable.  Having the very best COO can make the difference between having an average year and one that drastically outpaces the performance of your peers.


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  • Vast Experience: CEO Search has been sourcing & recruiting COO candidates and filling COO positions for many years now.  Our recruiters are extremely well tenured and have many years of experience recruiting high level COO executives.
  • Passive Candidates: Our candidates are not ones that are not typically applying to internet postings and job ads.  Our COO candidates are highly selective, top tier, operational executives who are currently employed but open to considering their next great opportunity.  They are among the top 5% of all executive level candidates.
  • Contingency Services: Not only are our services nationwide, they are also 100% contingency based.  We are so confident in our COO candidates that if you don’t hire one, then you pay nothing.  There is no risk involved and there is absolutely no financial commitment.  There are simply not many firms with our expertise that offer their services on a contingency basis.  We can only do that because of the high level of confidence that we have in our ability to find the best COOs.
  • Satisfied Clients: We have the highest level of satisfaction in the industry.  We are constantly complemented, constantly thanked and constantly referred by our clients for being a world class recruiting firm and for making their experience with us extremely positive!
  • Nationwide Service: We recruit COOs all across the country in every U.S. based city.  We recruit in every industry and for companies of all sizes!



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