At CEO Search, our executive recruiters are experienced, educated professionals with many years of experience in both the corporate world and the staffing industry. 

Most national staffing firms have high turnover rates due to the churn and burn type environment.  As a result they are often left with no choice but to hire less than experienced executive recruiters.  CEO Search only hires recruiting professionals with many years of executive search experience recruiting CEO, COO and CFO candidates.  Our experience is what makes the difference and our clients benefit directly from that experience.  We know how to find top tier executive candidates and we know how to interact and communicate with them in a professional manner.  In fact, our nationwide database is chalk full of thousands upon thousands of A+ CEO, COO and executive level candidates.

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At CEO Search, some of our guiding principles include: integrity, honesty, respect, commitment, diligence, winning desire and relentless pursuit.  We have a strong desire to win because we know that when we win our clients win!  We want to find the absolute best of the best, top tier executives available.  However, we will not compromise our principles.  We operate every search with the highest level of integrity.  We are honest with our clients and operate ethically with mutual respect and commitment.  We are not out to make a quick buck or placement.  We believe in forging lasting relationships with our clients and our candidates.  Every single one of our executive recruiters operates by these principles.

Meet our founder

Before beginning his career in the executive search industry, Mike Moraine was the Regional CFO for a publicly traded land development company.  In 2006 he left to go to work for a large international staffing firm.  After great success, Mike left in 2008 to start CFO Search and shortly thereafter CEO Search. Mike’s goal was to create a staffing company that valued quality over quantity –  an executive search firm that was built on solid principles and lasting relationships where respect, honor and integrity were major elements of the equation.  He accomplished that goal with CEO Search and CFO Search, Inc.  Both companies have been great success stories and have experienced unprecedented growth rates over the last several years. 

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work with us!

If you are interested in speaking with Mike directly about a potential executive level search, please feel free to give us a call or send us a message.  We’ll get right back with you – usually within 24 hours.

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Educated & Professional Executive Recruiters

At CEO Search, we go above and beyond to satisfy our clients.  Over the years, we have forged hundreds of solid relationships with companies all over the country.  We know that our success is directly correlated to the success of our clients and we operate our business accordingly.  In a nutshell, we know that when you win – we win!



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